May 29, 2016

This Memorial weekend has definitely been one of the busiest and memorable ones!


Once a Shawol…always a Shawol

My parents and I went to Honda first thing this morning to pick out my car.  We already knew which specific car we wanted so my parents were test driving it.  Then we signed the deal!  Don’t judge me, but I even named the car.  Yes, I named it SHINee…..because well, SHINee has been one of my first kpop loves…and still are!  But the car’s color is this teal-green which looks exactly like SHINee’s fanclub’s (SHINee World) color!  And hey, their 8 year anniversary was not too long ago, so the name SHINee fits it just right!  Plus it is a shiny car!  Hehe.  It is indeed a beautiful car and I’m grateful to my parents for this wonderful gift.

After we bought the car, I practiced driving it in my old school’s empty parking lot.  It’s quite fancy so it’s going to take some getting used to.



I went out to The Cheesecake Factory with my parents for dinner.  I had enchiladas!  It was so good!  My mom had a chicken dish and my dad has a catfish dish.  The portions were huge so brought leftovers home!  They gave me a mini sundae to celebrate my birthday…though most of it was whipped cream!


Birthday sundae

While we were at the mall, we were hunting for some professional interview clothes for me.  Eeeek, interview clothes is so expensive!!!  The most difficult part was finding something that was conservative enough…I’m aware nursing recruiters like to see no skin…no skirts/dresses above the knees!  But I’m a petite girl so it looks weird if I wear a long skirt/dress.  Sigh.  We didn’t have much luck today nor enough time since they close early on Sunday nights.  But we’ll go back tomorrow to hunt for clothes!


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