YesAsia Haul!


So today’s blog post is going to be something different than my usual theme…This is going to be a kpop post!

I ordered GOT7’s Mad, GOT7’s Flight Log: Departure and Taemin’s Press It off of YesAsia.  These albums were over the total of $39, granting me free shipping.  I hear a lot of bad reviews about YesAsia, people saying they’re overpriced and take forever to ship.  However, that is not the case for me.  I’ve ordered from them probably about 10 times over the past 6 years or so, and have never had a problem.  All my albums arrive within 10 days on average and in perfect condition because of the bubble wrap.  As for the price, I actually don’t think it’s that bad when you compare it to other sites where they charge ridiculous shipping fees!

Anyway, I decided to reward myself for passing NCLEX and becoming a RN by purchasing these albums!  I ordered these on May 29th, shipped on May 31st and arrived today, June 9th.  As you may or may not know, I’ve been a SM stan for years (jumping from SHINee to EXO).  However, in light of Kai’s dating “scandal” (since when is dating a crime?), my “love” for him has decreased and I became a Mark stan…..Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very supportive of Kai and love him just as much, but in a different way.  (Speaking of EXO, Monster is such a jam!)  Anyway, I really love GOT7, more than ever before even though I’ve technically been a fan since debut.  However, I never bought their albums mainly because I prioritized my money towards EXO.  I loved their last two albums and knew I needed it in my kpop collection pronto!  Since I needed one more album, I decided to include Taemin’s latest album because it was so freaking good…and I used to be a Taemin stan before Kai debuted (sorry I’m such a player).


GOT7 Mad

GOT7’s Mad was the first album I opened.  I got to choose between the vertical or horizontal version free of charge and settled for the horizontal version after watching many unboxing videos.  I’m excited to share that I got my bias, Mark’s photo card!!  I wanted to scream and jump around, but my family was in the house at the time….Anyway, he’s so handsome!  -heart eyes-  I actually own GOT7’s GOT LOVE album and got Jackson’s card when he was my bias at the time.  (COUGH PLAYER)  So I’ve been pretty lucky with getting my biases!


GOT7 Mad

The scratch card at the back is a nice touch!  I don’t think I’ve seen that for other kpop albums.  However, being the cautious fan, I was unsure of how to “scratch” it off without scratching the card itself and thus damaging it.  I remember watching a girl unbox the album and used tape to peel off the silver scratch-it!  So I got scotch tape and just kept peeling it off the card…it was a lot of work because it was stubborn at time, but well-worth the time.  I heard that if you got 3 of the same member’s face, you got a pass to their fanmeeting?  Anyway, that did not happen…I got BamBam, JB, and Youngjae haha.  Well, it’s not like I could go to their fanmeeting when it’s well passed the promotion period and the fact that I live in the states haha.


GOT7 Flight Log: Departure

I chose the random version of GOT7’s Flight Log: Departure.  I was secretly hoping for the serenity blue over the rose quartz, and well, luck was on my side!  P.S I love how they named their album versions based off the Pantone Colors of the year!  This time I got Junior’s photocard.  My plane ticket is of BamBam and Yugyeom.  I love this album’s packaging theme!  See the “luggage tag” wrap?  And the CD itself is a compass!


Taemin Press It

And last but not least, Taemin’s Press It!  I also chose random cover for this too…there’s 4 different versions and the only one I didn’t want is the “kissing” one haha.  AND GUESS WHICH MEMBER’S PHOTO CARD I GOT?  (Sorry, not funny) I got the full-body photocard.  LEGS FOR DAYS, Lee Taemin.  I love the texture of Taemin’s album…it’s like fabric?  I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely not that cheap paper like last time for his Ace album which I accidentally ripped when I opened it…..(It was a sad day)

Anyway, I’m pleased with today’s kpop haul.  Sigh.  Unfortunately I ordered this before EXO came back so I didn’t get to add that to my order.  However, that would be a rather expensive haul….EXO’s EX’ACT will have to wait for another time when I’m rich.

P.S Jackson Wang amazes me with his thank-you “essays” in GOT7’s albums!  SO LONG.  But I can tell he’s genuinely grateful…and I really appreciate how he wrote in 3 languages.


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