Seattle Trip!

This past weekend I was on a road trip to Seattle with my parents to pick up my younger brother from school!  We left on Friday morning and arrived in Seattle around lunch time.  Traffic wasn’t that bad.


Mongolian Beef

We met up with my uncle and went to Yea’s Wok to eat lunch.  We’ve dined there several times, but only for dinner.  It was weird going there for lunch.  We all ordered from their lunch special in which you pick an entree and it comes with your choice of soup and fried rice!  I ordered the mongolian beef with hot and sour soup.  It was so delicious!  Their portions were generous!

Afterwards, we went to school to pack up all my brother’s stuff in his dorm.  Yeah, it was a bit disgusting…he had some moldy and spoiled foods.  Sigh.  Men……We probably spent like 2 hours packing stuff?  It helped that my uncle was there to provide another van!  My brother still had some meal points left on his card so we went to the campus grocery store to purchase random stuff.  I ordered a white mocha from their cafe but it was shitty.  It had like no syrup!  It had a strong coffee flavor which I appreciate, but I know most don’t like that strong of a taste.

Anyways, got great news to share!  While we were driving back to my uncle’s house, I got a phone call from the hospital I interviewed for and received a job offer!  I’m so freaking happy!  I am so shocked that I got the position because it was soooo competitive!  I believe over 400 people applied and they’re only offering 49 positions!  And I’m one of the lucky 49!  I’m so excited to start this next chapter of my life.  My summer is quickly coming to an end because my first day will be next month in July!  Meanwhile I’m scrambling to get ready by renewing my CPR certification as well as buying cute scrubs and a new stethoscope!  Only nurses get excited over new scrubs and stethoscopes!

My parents are ecstatic and so we went out to celebrate at dinner!  We went to this restaurant called King’s.  Service was horrible though, everyone was so slow!


Mongolian beef


Deep fried shrimp stuffed tofu

We ordered several dishes including mongolian beef (again!), deep fried shrimp stuffed tofu, sweet and sour fish, chow mein, and chow fun.  I was so full!

I hardly got any sleep that night.  I’m not sure if it was because I was so excited over my job or what.  I do have a history of not sleeping well when it’s not my bed or room though.  According to my FitBit, I only got 2 hours of sleep that night!

On Saturday, we went to this HUGE buffet called the Feast!  It’s the biggest buffet I’ve ever been to.  My uncle recommended it, saying they had lots of food.  And boy, they had a ton!  Lots of Chinese, some Korean, sushi, and some American.  They also had a Mongolian grill!  The sushi bar was heaven!  They had so many different kinds.



However, their dessert options were even more impressive!  They had freshly made cotton candy, bubble waffles, shaved ice, many pastries, special ice cream flavors (like red bean and green tea), etc.  The coolest part was that they had a chocolate fondue fountain for strawberries and marshmallows as well as a block of chocolate you can shave off.  I’m not a chocolate person so I didn’t eat it, but the rest of my family enjoyed it.


Raspberry mousse, flan, green tea cake

I literally wanted to eat everything in that buffet, but had no room!  I really had to prioritize what I wanted to eat.  I hope to come back someday!

Overall, a very fun trip to Seattle!  So much good food!


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