YesAsia Haul!


Kpop haul

So happy to share my latest kpop haul!  I was waiting all summer for EXO to release their repackage so I could order them along with NCT 127‘s debut album.  (Yes, I’m such SM trash).

I ordered these from YesAsia and was eligible for free shipping!  I ordered them on 8/22, shipped on 8/23 and arrived today on 9/1.  As stated before, I’ve ordered from YesAsia multiple times and have never had issues with them.  I was surprised this time because I learned there was a tracking code!  However, YesAsia doesn’t email it to you.  You have to log back onto your account and look for a code to be updated next to your order.  I’m in shock and wonder if all my older orders all had tracking codes this entire time and I just never knew.


NCT 127 NCT #127

SM’s newest boy group, NCT!  I’m not a huge fan of the concept of rotating members and having an unlimited number of boys.  Why SM?  I told myself I wouldn’t fall for them, but…it happened.  It’s the first time I’m following a group where all the members are younger than me (yikes!).  NCT has definitely impressed me with their rappers, Taeyong and Mark.  I love love their track Mad City.  Mark spits out fire and he’s only like 16??!  As for who my bias is, it is indeed Yuta.  I was lucky to get his photocard!  I seriously have so much luck with getting my biases!  I am not a fan of his frizzy hair here though.  LOL.


EXO Lotto (Korean)

I was waiting all summer for EXO!  Lotto is strangely addicting.  But my favorite track has to definitely be Monster.  I got D.O.‘s card this time.  I thought it was cute how on the back he wrote “every day cheer up!” in English.


EXO Lotto (Chinese)

And here’s the Chinese version.  I do hate how I feel obligated to buy both versions of EXO’s albums to show my support.  That’s twice the money, SM!  SMH.  Anyway, I got Chen this time.

Overall, very pleased to finally receive my albums.  I’m looking forward to the next time I make an order.  I heard Infinite and SHINee is making comebacks soon this month…so possibility?  I also need to order that chateau wine lipstick that EXO sings about in Lotto…..


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