Cyber Monday Memebox Haul


Memebox Haul

I must have ordered from Memebox like 10 times since August and I feel guilty.  This haul is a bit late to write about but this was from Cyber Monday.  There was 20% off the entire site and I couldn’t resist.



COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

So I don’t really use a toner.  I used to when I first started getting acne as a young teenager.  But I never thought they worked because it was just too drying.  But I’ve heard that Korean toners are more gentle and do a better job at maintaining your pH at the appropriate level.  COSRX has a bunch of toners and I have heard amazing things about them.  I was willing to test them out to see if it would control my random acne breakouts.  Anyway, somehow I accidentally ordered 2 boxes.  Whoops.  I’m not sure how that happened.  But so far I enjoy it, so I’ll keep the second box.


J.One Jelly Pack

J.One is a brand that the kdrama actress Ha Jiwon created.  J.One is actually easily accessible at Sephora!  I first tried it at Sephora after the sales lady recommended it when I was complaining of my oily skin and needing a primer to keep it under control.  She gave me a sample and recommended this.  I didn’t realize it was Korean until I researched the brand.  Anyway, it was a much better deal ordering it off Memebox for 20% off instead of buying it at Sephora.


Pony Effect’s Shaping Brow Definer

I heard Pony Effect’s Shaping Brow Definer is an amazing dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.  I’ve never tried ABH’s version because of the price.  I also don’t really use eyebrow pencils but want to try out new brow products.


Berrisom’s My Brow Tattoo Pack

Berrisom is super famous for their lip tattoo pack which I refuse to try because of how high-maintenance it is.  But I am so in love with the brow tattoo idea so I don’t have to worry about my brows on days where I am feeling lazy.  Just apply it, go to sleep, and wake up to brows on fleek!  I currently use the Etude House version and it’s running out so I needed another option.


It’s Skin Babyface Natural My Brow

Yes, this haul is definitely eyebrow heavy.  I read many great reviews on It’s Skin Babyface Natural My Brow that I knew I had to try it.  It was super cheap too which makes it more appealing.

So in conclusion, my brows will definitely be on fleek thanks to this haul.


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