The Last Memebox Haul of 2016


Last Memebox Haul

Yes, this is getting repetitive.  It seems like every week I post about Memebox, right?  This is my last haul from 2016 that I’ve been meaning to post.  It was basically a huge lippie haul.  Memebox had several holiday sales each day and I was eyeing the lippie one.

I bought a total of 6 lippies.  Wow!  Addicted?  Yes.  I bought all 5 shades of the I’m Meme Tic Toc Tint Lip.  These are fairly new so I haven’t heard much about them.  But it’s basically a cushion lip tint where you click the end to squeeze the product out.  It’s advertised as smelling like chocolate and has a nice glossy finish with a lasting stain.  The swatches look super pretty so I’m excited to try these out soon.

The 6th lippie is the famous EXO lipstick.  Aka Labiotte’s Chateau Wine Lipstick in Malbec Burgundy.  This is in the fitting finish, which is matte.  I actually bought this for my cousin’s birthday, so do not exepct a review for this.  I do, however, have their wine lip tint and will be reviewing that soon!


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