YesStyle Haul


YesStyle Haul

I’ve known about YesStyle for years since it is known for being the sister-site to YesAsia.  I never expressed an interest in ordering from them though until recently.  I spent a bunch of money on kpop albums on YesAsia, so I was given some coupons for YesStyle.  And I figured it would be a good time to use it.

I prioritized picking products that I couldn’t find locally or on my favorite site, Memebox.  I really wanted to try a cushion since I’ve never tried one before, but have heard so many reviews about them.  Yes, I am quite late to the game.

While browsing YesStyle, I did notice they do have some pretty good deals.  First of all, they over free shipping on all orders over $35.  And it seems like there’s always a bunch of sales so you’re technically never paying full-price for their products.  Plus they give free samples which is an awesome way of trying out new products.  They also have this membership club and you’re automatically a Bronze member after the first purchase which allows you to save 3% on all your future purchases.

I ordered this during their Cyber Monday sale and unfortunately, the shipping was delayed because they were out-of-stock on one of my items.  It didn’t finally ship till the middle of December and arrived at my house last week.  So yes, it was a long wait, but it was because they weren’t fully stocked.  I learned that their new products are on sale, but take a long longer to fulfill since the warehouse isn’t stocked.

The item that held up my entire order was the A’PIEU Air-Fit Cushion Pposong with Yoon Charmi.  It was a pretty good deal since it came with the cushion, a refill, and an extra puff!  A’PIEU’s cushions look very reasonably priced on YesStyle, hopefully the quality is excellent.

The other cushion I picked out is the famous Missha M Magic Cushion.  I love the packaging-it’s so simple, yet classy!  Unfortunately this one does not come with a free refill, but I know Missha is considered one of the “higher-end” brands as compared to A’PIEU.

I picked up several new lip tints.  I’ve been eyeing the famous Peripera Pera’s Ink.  I heard they’re quite long-lasting and am so excited to try it out.  I also heard amazing things about the new Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint which is super affordable with great quality.  And finally, I couldn’t resist the Tony Moly Pokemon Pika Pika Get It Tint.  I mean, it has a Pikachu on it!  I clearly have a lip tint obsession.  So much for a new year’s resolution.

I’m so stoked to try out all these products.  I actually made a second order a couple days ago to use up a coupon that was about to expire this month.  Look out for another haul post!


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