Review: Etude House’s Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack in Black Tea


Etude House’s Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack in Black Tea

Leave it to Etude House for always having the cutest packaging.  How adorable is this sleeping pack?  It’s a mini bubble tea!  As a bubble tea addict, I knew I had to buy this just for the packaging!  I bought mine from Pretty & Cute for about $13.

I’ve tried multiple sleeping packs, but this is my first one from Etude House.  Their bubble tea line comes in three different “flavors”: green tea, strawberry tea, and black tea.  Each “flavor” is geared towards a different skin issue.  I’ve attached Etude House’s explanation of how to use and what each different flavor is for.


My first thought was that it smelled overly artificial sweet.  I think it can be nauseating at times so this is definitely not the product for a sensitive user.  While the packaging is cute, it can be a bother that the bubbles are all the way at the bottom.  It’s just a messy situation using the spatula to try to scoop the bubbles up.  I only use the bubbles when my skin is a bit drier than usual.

Overall, I thought this product was disappointing.  Yes, it’s cute.  But is it highly moisturizing?  No, I don’t think it’s anything special.  In fact, I find it tacky/sticky on my skin.  And the smell disgusts me.  It hasn’t broken me out though.  Squishing the bubbles are an unnecessary step in my opinion.  I don’t notice the bubbles adding any extra moisture and it can be difficult to squish.  I do notice it stings my skin at time when I’m drier than usual.  I would not repurchase this and am not interested in trying out the other kinds.  I’ll use this up and that will be the end of trying out these bubble tea sleeping packs.


  • Spatula
  • Cute packaging


  • Strong fragrance
  • Messy
  • Stings skin
  • Sticky/tacky
  • Nothing special about this product

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