April 2, 2016

I’m almost caught up with my diary blog posts.  I will post a review soon!

I went out for lunch again with my parents to celebrate graduation.  I’ve been craving Korean food badly lately so we went to Hae Rim.  I haven’t been there in a while, mainly because I wasn’t impressed with their service after changing owners.

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May 1, 2016

The day of graduation.

We left really early again to get good parking.  This is the first year our university broke commencement into two different sessions depending on your major.  I was in the second session in the afternoon.

We somehow managed to get parking despite the first commencement already beginning.  My grandma and aunt and uncle came to show support.  We took many pictures across campus while wearing our caps and gowns.

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April 29, 2016

We had both pinning ceremony and graduation ceremony rehearsals.  The pinning ceremony rehearsal was so early in the morning at 8:00.  It was about an hour long and so there was an awkward wait gap for the actual graduation ceremony rehearsal.

I spent the waiting time at my friend’s apartment.  We just chilled and talked about life.  Since she already packed up most of her stuff, she didn’t have any cups for me to drink water out of.  So I had to drink out of a bowl!  I felt like a dog.  Woof woof.

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