Cyber Monday Memebox Haul


Memebox Haul

I must have ordered from Memebox like 10 times since August and I feel guilty.  This haul is a bit late to write about but this was from Cyber Monday.  There was 20% off the entire site and I couldn’t resist.

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Sephora Haul


Sephora Haul

I rarely shop at Sephora.  Mainly because I prefer Ulta more since they have more deals and I like how they reward your points with store credit versus samples or trial sizes which Sephora does.  But Sephora has some of their exclusives which I can’t get at Ulta.  I shop at Sephora maybe once or twice a year and only when there’s some sort of sale!  This time there was $15 off $50 so I finally grabbed the goodies I’ve been drooling over!

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Massive Memebox Haul


Black Friday Deals

Memebox has been leeching off my money this past month.  Their Black Friday deals were way too good to resist.  I ordered three times during Black Friday weekend!  I’m about to reveal two of my packages.  (The third one just arrived yesterday and I haven’t had the time to take pictures)

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Online Ulta Haul


Ulta Haul

I just ordered online from Ulta recently.  I saw that they were having 10% off Mario Badescu skincare and I just had to order something.  I’ve been having really bad pimple/acne breakouts lately which I suspect is due to my messed up sleeping schedule thanks to working night shift.  I decided to splurge on some fancy acne treatments to hopefully calm my skin down.

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Pretty & Cute Pink Friday Haul!


Pretty & Cute Pink Friday Haul

For those that are unfamiliar with Pretty & Cute, they are a kbeauty shop located in Portland, OR.  They have an online store as well as a physical location in OR.  I’m fortunate enough to live in OR so I can visit the cute store.  Every year during Black Friday, they have a HUGE sale where they discount everything!  This year they discounted all Lioele products 40%, Skin79 products 35%, and everything else 30%.  As much as I love the convenience of the location of the store, I tend to only shop there during their big sales because I find them slightly more expensive as compared to ordering online from other shops.

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Review: Beauty People’s Pure Vitamin Lip Tattoo in Vitamin B (Cherry)


Beauty People’s Pure Vitamin Lip Tattoo in Vitamin B (Cherry)

I stumbled upon this lip product on Memebox and immediately bought it for $8.  I’m a huge Korean lip tint junkie and was searching for new brands to try out.  I never heard of Beauty People or their Lip Tattoo, but read such positive reviews on Memebox, convincing me to purchase it.

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