May 24, 2016

I know this is late, but I was holding off on posting this for reasons that will be furthered explained in this post. So I took my nursing license exam, NCLEX, in early morning.  I honestly hardly got any sleep the night before because my mind kept wandering.  I had no appetite and had to […]

Life Updates & Wishlist

As you may have or not have noticed, I haven’t been updating my blog regularly. I did graduate from college earlier this month and have been busy preparing for my nursing license exam which is scheduled for this Tuesday, the 24th.  I’ve been prioritizing my studying since I want to pass the first time so […]

May 1, 2016

The day of graduation. We left really early again to get good parking.  This is the first year our university broke commencement into two different sessions depending on your major.  I was in the second session in the afternoon. We somehow managed to get parking despite the first commencement already beginning.  My grandma and aunt […]

April 29, 2016

We had both pinning ceremony and graduation ceremony rehearsals.  The pinning ceremony rehearsal was so early in the morning at 8:00.  It was about an hour long and so there was an awkward wait gap for the actual graduation ceremony rehearsal. I spent the waiting time at my friend’s apartment.  We just chilled and talked […]